Canada South Land Trust

Canada South Land Trust Mission Statement

To preserve natural areas in the City of Windsor, Essex County, Pelee Island, and the municipality of Chatham-Kent for future generations.


Land Acknowledgement

We gratefully appreciate the historic and ongoing land stewardship practices of First Nations that protect the waters and lands for generations into the future.  We acknowledge that these lands that we strive to conserve and restore are their traditional and ancestral lands.




On this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, September 30, 2022, we share a link to the Canadian Government website providing information on why this day is recognized:




Turtles need our help!  They are currently on the move! Here is a thoughtful video to show us how we can help them survive.


Ontario is losing 319 acres of Agricultural lands per day!

Yes, that is per day!

This article provides information questioning whether this new method of farming some of our food products, will be used to justify the paving over of more of our ever important agricultural lands.


Over 2,000 Year Old Community Harvest

– an interesting story of cooperative harvesting over a significant period of time as further shown in historical records and carbon dating.

On the anniversary of the landing on Juno Beach by Canadian Soldiers in 1944, an article with video links by CTV highlighting efforts to conserve this site from a proposed condominium development. Many of our Canada South Land Trust members and supporters are active in efforts for the conservation of our cultural heritage. It is with that interest in mind, that sharing this article on this date is done, to afford people the opportunity to have their voices heard.

– Lest we forget

(Just click on the photo above and a link will be provided for their full story with videos.)


The Canada South Land Trust has signed on a letter with 61 other conservation organizations in response to the passing of Bill 109 in contravention of our Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights.  The letter can be found by double-clicking on the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario report cover above.


A great sign to remind us to be watchful on our roadways!

Vehicular strikes have significant impacts on wildlife populations. We can plan to save our vulnerable species from extinction and extirpation – part of that plan can be as simple as our choices of where and how we drive. It can take some turtle species up to 20 years before they mature to reproduce, and one miscalculating driver, on one trip, to end all of those years of survival and hope. Please protect our imperiled ecosystem members. *Click on the picture for the Windsor Star article on the placement of the banner.


Great News!! Ojibway Shores has finally been secured by the Federal Government!

We are so very appreciative of the efforts of many people in our community and beyond, that have contributed their expertise for the evaluation of this property and to those who shared their voices and letters to make this happen!

To learn more please click on the image above.